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It has come to our attention that Hong Kong, like many other places around the world, has a serious problem with the trafficking and exploitation of people. However, unlike many other places around the world, Hong Kong does not currently have a comprehensive anti-trafficking law to combat this. This needs to change.

So this year, we are teaming up with local non-government organization STOP (Stop Trafficking of People), one of the few organizations to solely focus on the issue of human trafficking here in Hong Kong. STOP actively reaches out to identify potential victims of human trafficking, seeks justice on their behalf, and practically helps them achieve restoration in life by partnering with service providers such as leading human rights law firms, counselors and temporary housing providers. For more information, visit their website at

This year, on December 16th, 2018, Maggie and Chloe will join STOP in the Win Win Run in Ma On Shan, Hong Kong, by each running 10k.
Our objectives are to:

1) Raise public awareness that human trafficking is a crime that happens right here in Hong Kong, and that Hong Kong needs to respond to the legal needs of this issue.  

2) Raise funds to help to work of STOP to restore survivors of trafficking to a place of dignity, justice and hope.

---Please help us to help STOP achieve their financial target to support their incredible work here in Hong Kong, remember, every dollar counts!--- 

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