Creating impact with social loans means building a financially inclusive network that tackles social and environmental issues together. Impact means growth, employment and a better future. Start changing lives through loans.

how it works

Get involved - choose a project or borrower.

Review the profiles of borrowers online and choose to loan to a social enterprise and/or provide a micro loans to someone that is determined to work their way out of poverty.

Lend for as little as USD20.

Every little counts! You can spread your risk by lending small amounts to a few borrowers, creating a portfolio of projects that are worthy of your support.

Get regular updates on the progress of the micro or social business.

Providing your feedback to help these micro and social businesses succeed will also be invaluable to the borrowers.

Loans will be repaid according to specified payment terms.

Watch the businesses you support grow and create positive long-term impact.

You can choose to withdraw your money. Or relend it to another project – multiplying the impact of the same initial investment.

Securely login and download your loans portfolio and reports.

NB: Loans are charitable in nature and involves risk of principal loss, and lenders will have to assume the risk of borrower’s default. does not guarantee repayment, timely repayment and/or offer a financial or any form of guarantee/return for your contribution to the loan. Please read our risk warning carefully.

Reasons to Lend on

  •   Improve the livelihood of people who want to work their way out of poverty and achieve financial independence.
  •   Support local economic development and job creation.
  •   Fund social and environmental businesses that are striving to create sustainable and scalable impact.
  •   Be part of the eco-system that supports and stimulates innovations that addresses real world issues.
  •   Work with organisations that are recognised and trusted in their communities.