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Hello friends, 

I am joining Prudential Asia team to ride 100 miles in Prudential Ride London 2020 which will be held in August 2020.  This activity is part of fundraising effort that is fully supported by Prudence Foundation in partnership with PLAN International, an independent development and humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality. The fund collected through this activity will be used to build "Safe Schools" - a disaster risk reduction capacity-building program which provides children with vital knowledge and skills to survive natural disasters.

In countries that are prone to natural disasters such as tsunami, flood, cyclone, earthquake and drought; children are affected the most by loss of life or diseases related to malnutrition, poor water & sanitation. "Safe Schools" aims to help children cope with such adversity by giving life-saving education, ensuring education continuity, raising public awareness of school safety, and preparing them for emergency. 

Prudence Foundation & PLAN international are now prioritizing to build "Safe School" in ASEAN regions (current focus is Cambodia, Thailand, and Philippines), while scaling up to other South East Asia countries. Please help supporting this program by giving your donation through the link provided.    

Let's ride together for the children!!

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