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Please support RAW in our challenge by making a donation to Mother’s Choice!

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International Women's Day – We need your support!

'From challenge comes change, so let's all choose to challenge.'

Following the recent voting on RAW’s upcoming challenge for International Women’s Day, we are pleased to announce that Challenge 1 - Women in Action has the most number of votes!  This will be the chosen challenge for RAW to raise funds for Mother’s Choice, a local charity which provides for children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong. During the challenge period from 8 March until 31 March, a group of 40 RAWers will commit to a walkathon competition where we will break into two teams and compete in walking/running/hiking the furthest distance. The winning team will get to enjoy baked goods from the losing team!

Please support RAW in our upcoming challenge by making a donation of any amount to Mother’s Choice! For a donation of HK$300, you can provide a pregnant teenager and her baby with prenatal classes for health protection, and for a donation of HK$500, you can cover the cost of one day of supplies for toddlers living in Mother’s Choice care home.

Donation receipt will be issued for tax return filing of tax deduction.

國際婦女節 - 我們需要您的支持!

於早前我們就針對3月8日國際婦女節即將舉行的RAW挑戰進行了投票,我們很高興地宣佈挑戰一 – 女性行動獲得了最多票數!母親的抉擇是本地一間服務沒有家庭的孩子和懷孕少女的慈善團體,而RAW將透過舉辦是次挑戰為他們籌款。在3月8日至3月31日的挑戰期間,40位RAWers將會分成兩隊參加步行馬拉松比賽,以步行、跑步或遠足的方式競逐最遠的距離,累積距離較短的團隊將要為獲勝的團隊準備烘焙甜點!




Recent Donors

  • Fiona Callanan

    HKD 1,100 04/07/2021 03:26:14 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    HKD 300 03/29/2021 11:15:09 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    GBP 15 03/28/2021 01:57:34 PM UTC

  • Chris Harris

    Well done for participating for in this very worthy cause.

    HKD 1,500 03/27/2021 07:30:54 AM UTC

  • Sook Yee Liew

    HKD 800 03/27/2021 07:11:23 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    HKD 200 03/24/2021 05:49:49 AM UTC

  • Lee Winnie

    HKD 500 03/19/2021 04:26:57 AM UTC

  • Chris Dudgeon

    HKD 1,000 03/12/2021 01:47:29 PM UTC

  • Angie Chan

    HKD 500 03/10/2021 06:22:49 AM UTC

  • Grace Lam

    HKD 500 03/10/2021 05:58:24 AM UTC

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