Hi, I'm Han and this is me believeing we can always do more!

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When I was a fundraiser, I remember being hesitant to ask my family and friends to fund a campaign but rather sharing that little knowledge I had just to create a small change within my own circle and more so because I was extremely shy to 'seek favor'. I am eternally grateful for them as often times they would come to me and asked how to help. Kakak (sister in Malay) has always been supportive and keen to what information I have to share. I can tell she looked up to me despite doing odd job. What struck me most when we were talking about charities was the moment she said to me "but then I won't be able to help YOU". Mind you I was no longer a fundraiser at that point. To be honest, it was never easy to feel proud of what I am and have been doing. It still is a struggle to explain what I do and sometimes even looked down upon. But her words keep me smiling whenever I remember them.

So as she passed away from acute liver failure recently, I have been giving sadaqah (voluntary act of charity in Arabic) in her name as requested by my parents and that has helped me so much with coping. And I will continue to do so to ease up this goodbye. So here I am, back at fundraising. To keep helping and reaching out for those extra hands. I guess this is much more or less, my way of keeping her presence :)

An-Nur Diyanah binti Baharin Tahir

05 Nov 1996 - 09 Apr 2020


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    We don't get poor by donating. The happiest people on earth are not the ones that receives, but the one that gives 💜

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    Yeah, the target's my birth date :) Thank you in advance for your support

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