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Rina and Jeff pledge to make positive changes in the lives of Single Mothers and Women Living with HIV by competing in the ULTRA ASIA RACE

Such reality exists and we see them every day in our shelter homes and the numerous support groups that we run across the country. MAF believes that the only way to escape from this vicious cycle of poverty is by empowering these women with vocational skills and capacity building to make them self-reliant.

This is the aspiration behind the MyLady Assistance Scheme: To give these women the much-needed break and opportunity to help themselves. The programme’s focus is to aid women and single mothers affected or infected with HIV by equipping them with the knowledge and skill sets to start small-scale businesses and also refer them for suitable jobs with peer support programme.

TRIPLE-A CHALLENGE: A fundraising campaign to support the MyLady Assistance Scheme

To fill the coffer for this assistance scheme, MAF is launching the Act Against AIDS Challenge (Triple-A Challenge), a crowdfunding campaign that will see two long-distance marathon runners taking part in the gruelling Ultra ASIA Race, a four-day 160km foot race set in Vietnam on March 25-28.

Hezrina Hedzer, a 50-year-old homemaker and grandmother, will take up the Ultra ASIA Race challenge. She was deeply inspired to carry the torch for MAF after witnessing first-hand the hardships and difficulties encountered by many single mothers living with HIV.

Hezrina is no stranger to AIDS activism. Her involvement with MAF goes back to 2014 when she, alongside her husband, Izudin Merican, helped to raise funds to support the establishment of the first palliative care centre for People Living with HIV in Kelantan. Her passion continues ever since and she believes she has found her calling in AIDS.

“With the opportunity given to me by MAF, I hope to reach out to as many women living with HIV to succeed in life despite the pressure and depression faced by them as a result of stigma from the community around them.”

“I want to inspire women out there that nothing is impossible and you are never too old to chase your dreams. With courage, determination and confidence, we can succeed in whatever goal we set out to achieve, God willing.”

Keeping her company for The Ultra ASIA Race is veteran marathon runner Jeff Lau, who is also the Malaysian AIDS Foundation Red Ribbon Youth Ambassador. Jeff himself has taken part in numerous extreme foot races abroad to raise funds for AIDS. 


If you share Kak Rina’s compassion for helping women and single mothers living with HIV, please make a donation to the Malaysian AIDS Foundation. No matter how small or big the donation, every ringgit and sen counts. Click the donate button below and make a difference today!

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