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We've only got one life to protect & preserve Planet Earth, Wild It Lasts.

My Story

Kyle Lek Kai Ming from Singapore, is 24 going on 25 this year. His passion lies in mountaineering, photography & long distance running. His dream is to complete the Explorer's Grand Slam (Seven Summits, North & South Pole), Snow Leopard Challenge (5x 7,000m Peaks in the former Soviet Union) & to work for NatGeo.

"Run Wild It Lasts" which is phrased out to be Run-While-It-Lasts refers to the effort we have to put into defending & giving more vibrancy to our planet while it lasts. Where the word run can be meant in any positive aspect "to go for".

Kyle is aiming to run 3,650KM by completing at least 10KM everyday within a year to raise $10K or more for World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Singapore) of which he will be donating $1SGD for every kilometer he runs. He believes that wildlife & nature depletion will be one of the biggest issues we as humans will face together in the future. By starting with the proper practice and educating everyone around him to care for the environment, it will better gear us up; to preserve & protect our home planet.

*Anyone who wishes to be a part of this can simply join him for his daily runs. He will be setting up a website in due time for information on his daily runs, venues, distance and enquiries! For now, do support him on Instagram (@kylelek) if you're interested in running with him or inquire about how you can do your part to help too :) Thank You!*

Recent Donors

  • ET

    Keep the passion going! ^5

    SGD 50 05/18/2017 04:51:43 PM UTC

  • Benedict Chin

    Go go go! :)

    SGD 10 05/09/2016 03:25:05 PM UTC

  • Gerald Tang

    Great job there man! You are working for a noble cause that not many will actually follow through on it. Hope i gave you some motivation for your future runs. There will always be people supporting you and don't ever forget that drive and determination that made you started this project. Cheers mate

    SGD 250 05/07/2016 02:55:08 PM UTC


    All the best to Kyle!

    SGD 100 05/06/2016 03:05:42 PM UTC

  • Nicole Lau

    All the best:))

    SGD 10 05/05/2016 03:24:26 AM UTC

  • Patcha Chol

    Second 10KM Run

    SGD 10 05/05/2016 02:12:45 AM UTC

  • Patcha Chol

    First 10KM Run

    SGD 10 05/05/2016 02:07:46 AM UTC

  • Kyle Lek

    Day 10~Day 14: 101~150KM - 04/05/16

    SGD 50 05/05/2016 02:04:46 AM UTC

  • Kyle Lek

    Day 09: First 100KM - 29/04/16

    SGD 100 05/05/2016 01:57:18 AM UTC

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