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Please Sponsor Me to Make a Child’s Wish Come True

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At the end of August I am participating in the MetaMan Triathlon on the Island of Bintan, Indonesia. If the distance alone was not a big enough test, with the 3.8KM swim, 180KM bike ride and 42.2KM run, there’s the added challenge of doing it all in a tropical climate. However, this challenge is insignificant compared to some of those faced everyday by children in our communities. To help inspire me to go the distance I have selected to sponsor a wish for a deserving child through the Make-A-Wish® Foundation. Make-A-Wish is a global organisation that grants wishes to children between 3 to 18 years old with life-threatening illnesses with each wish designed to provide a life-changing experience for the child and their families The wish I have adopted is to provide a room makeover for 10 year old LWYX, who suffers with severe epilepsy and cerebral palsy. “A severe illness struck LWYX as a child and left him with cognitive disabilities. He is unable to communicate verbally and is very hyperactive. With an attention deficit and difficulty in communicating, his room is becoming accident-prone when he plays with the power socket, reaches for sharp objects, and slips on wet tiled floors. In discussion with his parents, a room makeover to make it child-proof and safe seems most beneficial for LWYX. We also intend to include sensory toys and instalments which appeals and develops LWYX’s senses.” To make this life changing makeover possible I need to raise SGD5000 (equivalent to ~GBP2500, ~USD3800) and so I reach out to you in the hope that you would kindly sponsor me. If I am able to raise USD20 per KM of the 226KM race then I will be able to provide sufficient funds to Make-A-Wish® to make this a reality. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support in making this wish come true for a truly deserving child. I will let you all know how the race goes and once the wish has been completed. Through you can make safe and secure donations to sponsor me. The proceeds of your support are immediately sent directly to my charity. Martin Willis

Recent Donors

  • Lucy & James

    Well done! Amazing!

    SGD 50 09/02/2014 12:35:11 AM UTC

  • The Tappins

    Rather you than me!!! All the best and good luck!

    SGD 50 08/28/2014 09:44:20 PM UTC

  • Abe

    Good luck

    SGD 200 08/21/2014 01:35:59 PM UTC

  • Kenny Mackin

    SGD 250 08/16/2014 02:38:16 PM UTC

  • Ange Tosh

    Fab cause Martin! Good Luck!

    SGD 50 08/15/2014 05:59:53 PM UTC

  • Michele

    Best of luck! Such a great cause

    SGD 100 08/13/2014 03:13:07 PM UTC

  • Steve

    Good luck on the event and a worthy cause

    SGD 50 08/11/2014 05:16:15 PM UTC

  • T&C Eilers

    Good luck on the Ironman!! You picked and amazing charity!! Love you, Christine and Tom

    SGD 50 08/08/2014 12:35:05 PM UTC

  • The Benzies

    good luck with the race

    SGD 40 08/04/2014 04:56:58 PM UTC

  • Greig

    Good luck Martin

    SGD 50 07/30/2014 06:31:39 PM UTC

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