Each dollar makes an impact. Please donate whatever amount you can afford to help support recovery efforts of the quake hit communities in Lombok.

My Story

Visited Lombok to climb Mont Rinjani a few years back. The track up Rinjani was tough but the experience was unforgettable especially the majestic view. During the journey I had a conversation with a young local porter. He shared his life story - how a young man from Lombok strives in the construction industry and why young men from Lombok are preferred throughout Indonesia and the region in the construction industry due to their toughness, grit and determination. He shared how poor life is and the fact that the shorts he is wearing was a gift from a hiker. He says he will very soon journey out of Indonesia for work and make good money for the family. My subsequent stay in Lombok allowed me a glimpse of life on the island and how gracious they were to us.
Hence I would like to make a difference by raising money for this cause. I hope my effort will in some ways help support the recovery efforts of villages hit by the terrible earthquake.
Please support me by donating.

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