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Pit Stop Community Cafe

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Pit Stop Community Cafe

The Pit Stop Community Cafe was set up with three objectives: 

1. To Build - A platform for groups and individuals who want to give back to the society but have little to no knowledge on how to do so

2. To Reach Out - And assist members of marginalised communities through food, essential services and training with the ultimate aim of reintegration into conventional society, should they so choose. 

3. To Minimise - Food waste through food rescue, redistribution and repurposing. 

We have had to pivot and change our regular programs because of the global pandemic, and to this end, we have instituted new programs to serve the hungry and marginalised. 

Our current programs include: 

1. The Pit Stop Dinner Service, which averages RM1,900 daily. Please do visit our funding appeal page to contribute. 

2. The Pit Stop Food Rescue Program - Each day, Malaysians waste up to 15,000 tonnes of food, of which 3,000 tonnes are still edible. These food only need to be redistributed or repurposed, especially during this pandemic. However, food rescue comes with its own costs in terms of logistics, fuel and storage costs. While the benefits generally outweigh the costs, we need your support to continue rescuing and redistributing food. 

3. The Pit Stop Welfare Homes Support Program - The pandemic has exposed numerous weaknesses in the system, including those for wlefare homes and shelters for marginalised communities. To that end, the Pit Stop Community Cafe supports up to 20 homes by supplementing their food needs during the pandemic. 

4. PSCC Household Care Packs - When a household in need is brought to our attention - ideally before a White Flag is raised - we put together a care pack aimed at supporting the household for two weeks. To continue doing this, we would need the support of everyone. 

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