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Hello everyone, my name is Eileen (a.k.a Buttercup). I'm starting my baby-steps journey to doing something meaningful for others. I would like to use my upcoming cycling event to garner donations for a place whose works does more than meets the eye, the Pit Stop Community Cafe. From the first day of volunteering with Pit Stop Community Cafe, I felt taken with them as it isn't only a "soup kitchen" that feeds the homeless, but it creates a connection between the able and the needy. It provides warmth, comfort and retains dignity of those who visits! One can say its a Pit-Stop for healing; where individuals come together to help fill the tummies of homeless folks; fill their hearts with love and hope! Everyone deserves a second chance.

By combining my passion to help with my love for outdoor adventure, I would like to reach out to friends & everyone who visits the page, to join me, and lend a hand in creating a connection for those who are in dire need. Providing a full dinner service costs RM 1,500; my wish is to sponsor a full service at Pit Stop Community Cafe, or possibly more! Just as I've learned from a video, "We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone!" 

As most close friends may know, I am a novice cyclist who's still trying to master the art of balancing while drinking on the bike!! As well as not freak out riding downhill! Hahaha!! Well, come November, I'll be participating in an event call Tri Factor 113km Challenge. The goal is to cycle a total distance (that I've never done before) of 100KM!!! That is in addition to a "BONUS" run of 13km!! In short, I am to cover an entire 113km within 5 hours!  This fund-raising drive would undoubtedly help motivate me to train much harder, to brave the path ahead.

There are a few various ways you pledge: 

- RM 1/km (for 113km) if I finish within cut-off

- RM 0.50/km (up to 100km) if I fail to finish within cut-off

- Any amount your generous heart desire

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude, regardless of whatever option chosen, for making a pledge to help me help others. All funds raised in exceed of the intended amount, shall be put toward additional sessions of dinner service. Let's work towards it!! 

For more information:

Pit Stop Cafe Dinner Sponsorship

The Tri Factor Bike-Run-Bike Melaka 2017

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