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Underprivileged groups deserve to drink safely and healthily

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Last Labor Day holiday, the person in charge of a welfare home contacted my friend and asked for donation on food and funds. Apart from contributing donation, we also took the chance to spend some quality time with the old folks there.
We realize that living environment there is relatively unfavorable as they simply do not have sufficient funds for a better quality of living. Not to mention that the quality of water they are consuming on a daily basis. Most of them just boil water taken straight from the tap, let's just imagine that your beloved family members are doing the same, it is saddening isn’t it? There are a lot of welfare homes, orphanages and old folks homes are experiencing the same condition in Malaysia, which means there are thousands of them are actually in such condition and their welfare couldn’t be fully taken care of. It is saddening that they are exposed to a bigger risk in terms of health, and all of these are simply due to they are a little more unfortunate compare to us.

We all have the privilege to fight for our own living, provide the best to our beloved family. Therefore, my wife and I have decided to take an initiative to make the contribution back to underprivileged groups by improving their drinking water quality. With a list of welfare homes provided by Nan Yang, we decided to ask for public donation for water treatment system to be installed in all the welfare homes. The water treatment system able to generate ionized acidic and alkaline water for both external and internal use, which is very vital to health and welfare of those underprivileged groups.

Among the distinctive features that able to help, inclusive but not limited to:
1. Filtered water to ensure cleanliness of water consumption.
2. Ionized alkaline water to ensure greatest health benefits, e.g. reducing risk of gout attack, etc.
3. Smaller molecule cluster for easy absorption and help in eases constipation problems.
4. Acidic water for killing germs and bacteria, both daily using materials and wounds or bedsore, if.

It only cost RM 4500 for each water machine, we will deliver and install the machine and take care of the maintenance and repair thereafter.
For every installation that completed, we will update here accordingly.

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